Nuisance Animals

Because of its great diversity of habitat types, Florida is home to more wildlife species than most other states. By simply having a window open or walking out of your front door, odds are that you will either hear or see some form of wildlife.

Many of these experiences are enjoyable, yet others can be confrontational. The growing need for animal removal is now mostly caused by the increasing amounts of land that these animals call home, being destroyed and then rebuilt upon.
Unwanted encounters with nuisance wildlife can result in serious damage to your home (shredded insulation, chewed up electrical wiring & wildlife feces/urine, etc). Some of these animals can, and will if given the chance, rip apart your lawn and gardens in search of food & sometimes shelter.
Also, these animals carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and our pets, via contact or from their droppings such as: rabies, parasites, fleas/ticks/lice, and even leprosy.
It is always best to let a trained professional like those at J & J Wildlife Trappers and Rescue to handle these types of situations, as you have to always remember that you’re dealing with a wild animal who will act solely upon their instincts.